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Breyer is renowned for its limited edition horses, especially the Classics Horse of the Year and Decorator models.

Bella, the 2017 Horse of the Year, sees the release of a new sculpture by much-loved equine sculptor and Breyer artist Kathleen Moody. Bella, is a dun quarter horse x thoroughbred filly, is the fifth in Breyer's Horse of the Year series and certain to be popular with her correct conformation and pretty face.

Forthwind Unicorn comes hot on the heels of Xavier, the Mystical Unicorn Stallion, who was undoubtedly the most sought-after Breyer of 2016. Where Xavier is Traditional scale, Forthwind is Classics scale — however, he's certain to be just as popular as his "big brother". Forthwind exudes delicacy and lightness. He lives in the arctic tundra, where the ground is permanently frozen and the sun stays in the sky, without setting, all summer. Forthwind's pale, icy blue coat is hard to detect against the snow in winter, but if you look closely, you might just catch a glimpse of golden hooves flashing across the snow.



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