Breyer Traditional 70th Anniversary Model-RANDOM PICK


Product Code: TBT1825

Breyer 70th Anniversary Assortment - Random Ship

Celebrate Breyer through the decades with these five collector-favorite models from Breyer’s past through today:

  • Fighting Stallion in a beautiful chestnut pinto (50's and 60's)
  • Indian Pony in grulla appaloosa (70's and 80's)
  • Andalusian stallion in a shaded grey (90's and 2000's)
  • The new Five-Gaited Saddlebred that debuted in the 2019 Premier Collection in a palomino (2010-current).
  • BONUS rare "chase" piece is the iconic Galloping Thoroughbred with a beautiful pinto coat!

Each randomly-assorted model features a beautiful custom box highlighting the beauty and history of Breyer.

Please note: You will receive one model. It is a random ship and you cannot select which model you will receive. The surprise is half the fun!