Breyer Classics Hilltop Stable - Damaged Box


Product Code: TBC596DAM

Solid Hardwood Stall

PLEASE NOTE: These items have damaged boxes, which is why they are discounted. The items inside are undamaged. 


If you have a growing Breyer Classics horse collection, the Hilltop Stable makes the perfect home! Crafted of solid natural wood, this barn can be extended with the addition of more extendable barns, purchased separately. The barns can be arranged as an open shed row so horses have a view of the outside, or in a "horseshoe shape" stable, so they can see each other. Each Hilltop Stable features a box stall with 3 windows and one sliding door. The Hilltop Stable can even be painted to your liking or left to weather naturally. Note: horse, figure, accessories not included.