HorseWyse Magazine Winter Edition


Product Code: HWMAG-WI

HorseWyse was established in 2001 and is Australia's No. 1 magazine aimed primarily at the young horse lover. We have a dedicated following in the 6-18 age group, although do have many older readers who still love HorseWyse too! We love our readers to feel that they are part of the HorseWyse community, by sharing their love of horses with everyone by sending in their photos and stories. Plus every issue there are loads of prizes to be won.

Our mission is to encourage young horse lovers to continue a love of reading, writing and contributing with other young horse lovers. We aim to create an interactive magazine, where readers get to share their ideas and stories, and that young horse lovers continue to be educated in different aspects of horse care and different forms of riding, all while still having fun! We also aim to produce a visually beautiful magazine with some stunning horse posters and photos, so that each issue of the HorseWyse will be cherished for years to come.