Breyer Farms Stablemates Deluxe Arena Stable


Product Code: TBS59243

We have an exciting new wood playset in our Breyer Farms™ line - the Deluxe Arena Stable! It features removable two-sided roof panels, working doors and windows, three stalls with food trays, and a horse wash area. The inside of the roof panels are decorated to double as a beautiful grassy play area - just remove them and set them up to create the perfect spot for playing. This set includes two Stablemates horses, a Dutch Warmblood and an Irish Sport Horse, along with cardboard accessories including 12 fence pieces, six jump pieces, and two troughs. There is also a dressage letter sticker sheet, as well as a sticker sheet to personalize the stable.

The assembled barn measures 24.25” L x 22” W x 10.5” H.

Stablemates | 1:32 Scale | Ages 4+

Stablemates Scale