Breyer Traditional Barranco


Product Code: TBT1878

If riding in comfort and style sounds good to you, then you should meet the Peruvian Paso! A naturally gaited horse, they display 2 unique gaits (in addition to the walk), which are present from birth: paso llano, meaning “even step,” and the faster sobreandando. Both are lateral four-beat gaits, making them comfortable to ride with little bounce for the rider. These gaits made the breed extremely popular with Peruvian land-owners and workers who spent many hours in the saddle.

Today, Peruvian Pasos are still cherished for their brio, beauty, and smooth gaits. They are popular trail riding, show, and pleasure horses. Named after a district in Peru’s capital city of Lima, Barranco is a richly-shaded bay stallion with lots of chrome! He’s sporting the elegant neck and smooth movement that his breed is known for.

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Traditional | 1:9 scale | Ages 8+

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