Breyer Traditional Battlefield Angel HP "Ezra" - Pinto Friesian Sporthorse


Product Code: TBT1865

Battlefield Angel HP, known by many as "Ezra," is a 2012 Friesian Sporthorse stallion that's the total package - beautiful colour, sweet temperament, and a talented competitor. 

At the 2021 International Friesian Show Horse Association World’s and Grand Nationals Championships, Ezra was named a two-time Grand Champion in Dressage, Grand Champion Dressage Sporthorse Stallion in Hand, and the Reserve Champion Friesian Stallion in Hand! At home, he is currently schooling 4th level dressage and learning higher-level manoeuvres like the Spanish walk and rearing on command.

This magnificent stallion’s name is a nod to one of his owners, Rhiannon Barreda, a retired career Army MEDEVAC helicopter pilot.  “Battlefield Angel” is what the MEDEVAC is called in combat. Nicknamed “Ezra,” this pinto Friesian Sporthorse stands out for his striking colors and exceptionally calm, sweet demeanour.

Dollsaddle and bridle sold separately.

Traditional | 1:9 scale | Ages 8+